Doug Wilde – The Sixth Dimension

Amanda Martinez – Recuerdo

Russ Brannon – Sojourn

Brasstactics – Tribute to the Groove

Paul Tobey – It’s Time

Tevet Sela – Sweet Tears

Gabriel Evan Orchestra – Island Hopping

Natasha Blackwood – Love Songs for Good Machines

Gabriel Genest – As It Is

Ruth Saphir – Accolades of Time


Brenda Earle Stokes – Motherhood

Jon Gordon – 7th Ave South

Kari van der Kloot – Window

Anthony D’Alessandro – Searchin’

The Brenan Brothers – Valley of Silence

Sarah Jerrom – Magpie

Daniel Janke Winter Trio – Available Light

Touching – I Can Be Two People At Once

Scott Marshall – The Solitude Suite

Disaster Pony – (S/T)

Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – A Canadian Songbook

Mike Downes – The Way In

Last Ark Out – Lift

Will Régnier – Traces

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra with Jill Townsend and Christine Jensen – Tidal Currents: East Meets West

Andrea Superstein – Oh Mother

Casey MacGill – Love Letter

Ilios Steryannis – Babylonia Suite

Philippe Côté & François Bourassa – Confluence

Solidaridad – Distancia

John Herberman – Spring Comes Early

Allison Au with the Migrations Ensemble – MIGRATIONS

Peripheral Vision – We’ve Got Nothing

GEORGE – Letters to George

Jocelyn Gould – Sonic Bouquet

Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient

Teri Parker – Shaping the Invisible

Hutchinson Andrew Trio – The Senator: A Tribute to Tommy Banks

Andrew Rathbun – The Speed of Time

Alyssa Giammaria – In Time

Adrian Dennis – Moon Rising

Marc Copland Quartet – Someday

Rubim de Toledo – The Drip

Bellbird – Root in Tandem

Will Clements – Compass

François Bourassa Quartet – Swirl: Live at Piccolo

Olivia Maisel – A Moment in Time

James McGowan Ensemble – Reaching In

Will Bonness – Is This a Dream?

The Nimmons Tribute – Volume 2: Generational

Dhaivat Jani PLUS – Sum // Parts

Laila Biali – Your Requests

Projet Seb Parent

Duncan Hopkins – Who Are You? The Music of Kenny Wheeler

Mira Choquette – In Reel Time

The Artie Roth Quartet – Resonants

Melissa Pipe Sextet – Of What Remains

The Composers Collective Big Band – The Toronto Project

Astrocolor – AstroJazz Vol. 1

Redline Trio – Underdog

Emily Braden – Cannon & Sparrow

Ally Fiola & The Next Quest feat. Jeff Coffin – Interblaze

Jacques Kuba Séguin – Parfum

Tina Hartt – Absence of You

Avi Granite 6 – Operator

William Carn – Choices

Matt Greenwood – Atlas

Holly Burke, Bill Runge & Linda Lee Thomas

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra: Voices – A Musical Heritage

RJ LeBlanc – Heyday

Lauren Falls – A Little Louder Now

Heather Ferguson – Lush Life

Dan McCarthy’s Songs of the Doomed: Some Jaded Atavistic Freakout

Avi Granite’s In Good Hands

Saku Mantere – Upon First Impression

Noam Lemish – Twelve

The Joan Beckow Legacy Project

Ernesto Cervini – Joy

Brûlez les meubles – Tardif / L’appel du vide

Gentiane MG – Walls Made of Glass

So Long Seven – only elephants know her name

Chet Doxas – Rich in Symbols II

Rafael Zaldivar – RUMBA

Robert Diack – Small Bridges

Laura Crema & Bill Coon – StringsSongs

Deb Rasmussen – Unspoken

Kate Wyatt – Artifact

Jacob Chung – Epistle

Jocelyn Gould – Golden Hour

Shiri Zorn & Goerge Muscatello feat. Mauricio Zottarelli – Into Another Land

Queen Kong – Fray

Ori Dagan – Click Right Here

Ariane Racicot – Envolée

Adema Manoukas Octet – New Roots

Deanne Matley – The Alberta Lounge

Way North – New Dreams, Old Stories

Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet – Qui Qu’en Grogne

Chris Mondak

Karl Silveira – A Porta Aperta

Yves Léveillé – L’échelle du temps


Oli Astral – From The Astral

Jami Templeton – The Shape of My Heart

Bernie Senensky Quartet/Quintet – Don’t Look Back

Roddy Ellias Free Spirit Ensemble feat. Kellylee Evans – Not This Room

Nick Maclean – Can You Hear Me?

Alex Bird & The Jazz Mavericks – You Are The Light And The Way

Greg Amirault – News Blues

Carn Davidson 9 – The History of Us

Wild Blue Herons – You & I

Noam Lemish – Erlebnisse


Philippe Côté with Marc Copland – Bell Tolls Variations/Fleur Revisited

Avataar – Worldview

Beth McKenna – Beyond Here

Shannon Gunn – On A Mountain

Montreal Jazz Trio

Levi Dover Sextet – Imaginary Structures

The Heavyweights Brass Band – Stir Crazy

Earl MacDonald – Consecrated

Hannah Barstow – Beneath

Jon Gordon – Stranger Than Fiction

LE GGRIL – Sommes

Alex Lefaivre – Naufragés

Jonathan Bauer – Sings and Plays

Al Hammerman – Just a Dance

Joel Frahm – The Bright Side

Scatman Crothers – Groovin’ with… Scatman

Miguel de Armas – Continuous


Saskatchewan All Star Big Band – Saskatchewan Suite

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Twisting Ways

Gabriel Evan Orchestra – Global Entry

Erin Propp & Larry Roy – We Want All The Same Things

CODE Quartet – Genealogy

The Offering of Curtis Andrews – Speaking Hands

Dan Pitt Quintet – Wrongs

Francois Bourassa – L’impact du Silence

Sarah Jerrom – Dream Logic

TuneTown – Entering Utopia

Mike Freedman – Into The Daybreak

Al Muirhead Quintet – Live From Frankie’s & The Yardbird

Amanda Tosoff – Earth Voices

The Dave Restivo Trio – Arancina

Fifth Element

Joe Bowden – ROOTS – Tales of the Urban Yoda

Griffith Hiltz Trio – Arcade

Jesse Ryan – Bridges

Dan Fortin – The Latest Tech

The Nimmons Tribute – To the Nth

Richard Whiteman – Very Well & Good

Alex Bird and the Jazz Mavericks – Whisky Kisses

Dave Young Quartet – Ides of March

The Aubrey Wilson Quartet – Honeysuckle Rose

Masson Stomp – Krewe du fleuve

New Orleans High Society

Rebecca Hennessy – All The Little Things You Do

Will Bonness – Change of Plans

Mario Romano – The Journey So Far

Alex Moxon Quartet

Manteca – The Twelfth of Never

William Chernoff – Aim to Stay

Modasaurus – 4K

Sabertooth Swing – Songs of Future Past

Neil Swainson Quintet – 49th Parallel

Fawn Fritzen – How to Say Sorry and Other Lessons

John Finley – Soul Singer

Angela Turone & Chris Platt – Sounds of Brazil

HiFiLo – Speak Your Name

Kari van der Kloot – The Architects

Bartosz Hadala Group – Three Short Stories

Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps – Long Time Ago Rumble

Peripheral Vision – Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation

Songs of Tales – Life is a Gong Show

Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra – Windward Bound

Robert Lee – Ascension

Patrick Boyle – Swivel

Peter Campbell – Old Flames Never Die

Jacek Kochan & musiConspiracy – Occupational Hazard

Emie R Roussel Trio – Rythme de Passage

Ernesto Cervini – Tetrahedron

Peter Hum – Ordinary Heroes

Mark Godfrey – Square Peg

Dan Loomis – Job’s Trials: A Jazz Song Cycle

Mark Segger Sextet – Lift Off

Manteca – Augmented Indifference

Shuffle Demons – Crazy Time

Audrey Ochoa – Frankenhorn

University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra – Embargo

Mike McCormick – Proxemic Studies: Volume I

LOCAL TALENT – Higienópolis

Eric St. Laurent – Bliss Station

Gentiane MG Trio Canadian Tour – Fall 2019

Ted Quinlan – Absolutely Dreaming

Dan Pitt Trio – Fundamentally Flawed

Aaron Dolman – Nostalgia and Other Fantasies

John Stetch – Blue Canada

Tertio – La Mince Ligne

Sonia Johnson – Chrysalis

Diane Roblin – Life Force

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – Aftermath

Andy Ballantyne – Play On Words

Trevor Giancola – Sonnet 18

Heather Bambrick – Fine State

Joel Miller – Unstoppable

Dan McCarthy – City Abstract

Allison Au – California Tour 2019

TuneTown – There From Here

Surefire Sweat

Brandon Robertson – Bass’d on a True Story

Alex Fournier – Triio

Audrey Ochoa Trio – 2019 Summer Jazz Festival Tour

Jacques Kuba Séguin – Migrations

Nick Adema – Starting Point

Jaelem Bhate – On The Edge

Kalya Ramu – Living In A Dream

Patrice Jégou – If It Ain’t Love

Friendly Rich – Only The Lonely

Karin Plato – This Could Be The One

Jonathan Bauer – Walk, Don’t Run

Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin – Clock Radio

Blue Standard – A Good Thing

Dave Young – Lotus Blossom

Angela Verbrugge – The Night We Couldn’t Say Good Night

Jim Brennan 11 Featuring Chris Andrew – 50/50

Allison Au Quartet – Wander Wonder

Johnny Griffith Quintet – The Lion, Camel, & Child

Rodrigo Simoes – Jazz Brésilien

Sam Broverman – A Jewish Boy’s Christmas

Collective Order Vol. 3

Lawful Citizen – Internal Combustion

Way North – Fearless and Kind

‎Scott Marshall and the Jazztice League – Dream Logic Project

Ethan Ardelli – The Island of Form

Benjamin Deschamps – No Codes

Harry Vetro – Northern Ranger

Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – Abundance

The Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth – The Bitter Suite

Steven Taetz – Drink You In

Al Muirhead’s Canadian Quintet – Undertones

University of Toronto 12TET – When Day Slips Into Night

The Tiki Collective – Muse

Chris Monson – Seldom in the Well

The Cluttertones with Lee Pui Ming – Leeways

John Pittman – Kinship

Alex Lefaivre Quartet – YUL

Aaron Shragge & Ben Monder – This World of Dew

The Toronto Jazz Orchestra – 20

Jeremy Ledbetter Trio – Got A Light?

Amy Cervini – No One Ever Tells You

Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish – Pardes

Deanne Matley – Because I Loved

Les Petits Nouveau – Stockholm

Adrean Farrugia & Joel Frahm – Blued Dharma

Detroit Bop Quintet – Two Birds

Peripheral Vision – More Songs About Error And Shame

Frank Wagner – Floating Holiday

Robert Diack – Lost Villages

Chris Platt Trio – Sky Glow

The Heavyweights Brass Band – This City

Robi Botos – Old Soul

\\livingfossil// – NEVER DIE!

Harley Card – The Greatest Invention

Justin Gray & Synthesis – New Horizons

Liebman/Murley Quartet – Live at U of T

Dave Young/Terry Promane Octet – Vol. 2

Nick Maclean – Rites of Ascension

Carn Davidson 9 – Murphy

Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – REV

Ilios Steryannis – Bethany Project

Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival 2017

Teri Parker – In The Past

Collective Order – Vol. 2


Sarah Jerrom – The Yeats Project

Mike Downes – Root Structure

Jamie Reynolds – Grey Mirror

Allison Au Quartet – Canadian Jazz Festival Tour

Alex Goodman – Second Act

Andrew Hartman – Compass

Aaron Shragge’s Innocent When You Dream – Dirt In The Ground

Peter Campbell – Loving You: Celebrating Shirley Horn

MEM3 – Circles

University of Toronto 12TET – Trillium Falls

University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra – Sweet Ruby Suite

Way North – Canadian Tour

Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra – Common Ground

Heather Bambrick – You’ll Never Know

Brian Dickinson Quintet – The Rhythm Method

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – The Twilight Fall

Dog Leg Dilemma – Not This Time

Modus Factor – The Picasso Zone

Stu Harrison – Volume 1

SNAGGLE – The Long Slog

Lauren Bush – All My Treasures

Andrew Downing – Otterville

Parker Abbott Trio – Elevation

Eric St-Laurent – Planet

Shirantha Beddage – Momentum

Tara Kannangara – Canadian Jazz Festival Tour

Autobahn – Of the Tree

June Garber – This I Know

Andrew McAnsh – Illustrations

Trevor Giancola – Fundamental

Nick Fraser – Starer

Alex Goodman – Border Crossing

Kirk MacDonald – Symmetry

Pram Trio – Saga Thirteen

Rich Brown – Abeng

Allison Au – Forest Grove

The Griffith Hiltz Trio – Canadian Tour

Daniel Fortin – BRINKS

Bret Higgins – Atlas Revolt

Jerry Granelli “What I Hear Now”

Harley Card “Hedgerow” Canadian Tour

Matt Wilson Quartet Canadian Tour

Johnny Griffith Quintet – Dance With The Lady

Allison Au – The Sky Was Pale Blue, Then Grey

Tara Davidson – Duets

Peripheral Vision – Sheer Tyranny of Will

Parker Abbott Trio – The Wayfinders

Diane Roblin – Reconnect

Angela Morris and Rallidae – Paper Birds

Downing/Lewis/Occhipinti – Bristles

Matt Newton – Within Reach

The Griffith-Hiltz Trio