University of Toronto 12TET – When Day Slips Into Night

University of Toronto 12TET – When Day Slips Into Night

July 24, 2018

Terry Promane: band leader

Brooklyn Bohach: vocals
Michael Henley, Kaelin Murphy: trumpets
Karl Silveira: trombone
Brandon Tse: alto saxophone
John Nicholson, Kieran Murphy: tenor saxophones
Russell Matthews: baritone saxophone
Noah Franche-Nolan: piano
Julius Clegg: guitar
Evan Gratham: acoustic and electric bass
Keagan Eskritt: drums

The University of Toronto 12tet is a contemporary jazz ensemble comprised of students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programs. Since its creation in 2012, the ensemble has established itself as a vehicle for elite players and composers in the jazz performance program and beyond. The band has been featured many times at the Rex Hotel and at U of T’s Walter Hall with a number of notable guest soloists, including Ralph Alessi, Jim Lewis, and Chase Sanborn.

When Day Slips into Night is a compilation of songs, original compositions, and jazz standards reflecting the musical aesthetic and artistic sensibility of the University of Toronto jazz students and faculty. The album focuses on material written exclusively for this band by students of the program in the composition/arranging stream, many of whom are also current members of the 12TET. The 12TET bandleader Terry Promane – a widely celebrated arranger and composer himself – contributes 2 additional arrangements

Smaller than a traditional big band, the 12-piece format allows more freedom for soloists while still offering a wide range of ensemble textures. The 12tet takes cues from classic bands like Art Pepper Plus 11 and The Rob McConnell Tentet, but also steps further by embracing more contemporary sounds and approaches.

Worldwide Release Date: Friday September 7th, 2018