Will Régnier – Traces

Will Régnier – Traces

January 1, 2024

Marcus Lowry: electric guitar, acoustic guitar (8)
Yannick Anctil: piano
Alex Le Blanc: double bass
Will Régnier: drums, compositions, acoustic guitar (8)

Traces is the debut album from Montreal drummer, composer, and producer Will Régnier. The genre-defying instrumental music on Traces seamlessly blends a variety of styles to create a truly unique and engaging musical universe. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of jazz, folk, and progressive rock, the nine pieces on this album signal the arrival of an exciting new voice in Canadian jazz. 

Improvisation, spontaneity, and an interactive spirit serve as the album’s foundation. This infusion of creativity and unpredictability imparts a dynamic vibrancy to the album, as well as a compelling sense of novelty and vulnerability.

At its core, Traces warmly embraces the lyrical sensibility and storytelling inherent in folk music. The emphasis on melody acts as an anchor; each phrase, instead of merely serving as a melodic element, transforms into a narrative vehicle, unfolding like chapters in a novel.

This album also explores the eclecticism and virtuosity of progressive rock. Bold and experimental, Traces blends intricate time signatures with innovative arrangements that defy conventional expectations.

Régnier has surrounded himself with some of Montreal’s most extraordinary up and coming musicians: Yannick Anctil on piano, Marcus Lowry on electric guitar, and Alex Le Blanc on double bass. Each musician infuses every note with profound meaning, bringing their unique personality to the music. 


Release Date: Friday, February 16th 2024.