Nick Maclean – Can You Hear Me?

Nick Maclean – Can You Hear Me?

November 7, 2021

Brownman Ali: producer,
percussion & drumset (Estratagema)

This double album, a debut solo piano release from award-winning Toronto pianist NICK MACLEAN, takes influences from jazz piano greats such as Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Brad Mehldau, as well as that of his two divergent ensembles: Snaggle and Nick Maclean Quartet. Maclean, whose groups have frequently been lauded for the strength of their collective improvisatory vision, continues here in that unconstrained spirit with courageous risk-taking and musical exploration springing from in-the-moment inspiration. Shaped by Maclean’s respect and trust in producer Brownman Ali’s impactful, omnipresent guidance, Maclean delivers rich and prismatic interpretations of originals, standards, and other spontaneous contemplations. Thus, this solo pianistic odyssey’s completion represents Maclean’s most vulnerable, personal, and intimate recordings to date.

Can You Hear Me? – Nick Maclean’s debut 18-track, double disk solo album – features 7 Maclean-penned compositions, 8 standards, and 2 spontaneous improvisations, all recorded at the renowned Chalet Studio in Uxbridge, ON. Produced by internationally acclaimed trumpet player and producer Brownman Ali, this new double album was released in Canada on Oct 31, 2021, and will be released internationally on Dec 10, 2021 on Browntasauras Records. This is Maclean’s fourth release for Browntasauras, following those by his two award-winning ensembles, Snaggle (The Long Slog & Christmas Tune, 2016) and Nick Maclean Quartet (Rites of Ascension, 2017).

“Nick Maclean has superior piano skills, coupled with great ideas and emotional execution.”

Randy Brecker

Release Date: Friday, December 10th 2021 on Browntasauras Records