Nick Maclean – Rites of Ascension

Nick Maclean – Rites of Ascension

October 18, 2017

Nick Maclean: piano
Brownman Ali: trumpet
Jesse Dietschi: acoustic bass
Tyler Goertzen: drums

The Nick Maclean Quartet’s debut full- length album Rites of Ascension pays tribute to Herbie Hancock while clearly establishing a sound of their own.

This contemplative and often thrilling quartet’s explorations of modern, original repertoire is led by the 26 year old pianist Nick Maclean – a fast-rising star in Toronto’s jazz community. Formed in 2016, Maclean’s foursome delivers jazz between the two poles of thoughtful introspection and powerhouse conveyance, taking influences from Herbie Hancock’s primordial 1960’s Blue Note era recordings featuring Freddie Hubbard, while simultaneously paying apt tribute to some of the greatest improvisers in jazz history.

The quartet’s debut 11-track full-length album “Rites Of Ascension” features 6 Maclean-penned originals, 1 composition by Brownman, and 4 re- imagined Herbie Hancock classics. The group is frequently lauded for the strength of their collective improvisatory vision, and highlights Maclean’s ruminative piano prowess and hand- picked sidemen. Brooklyn / Toronto based Brownman Ali, one of Canada’s most provocative improvising trumpet-playing iconoclasts, stands shoulder to shoulder with Maclean himself & two of Toronto’s top-tier rhythm section 20- somethings: Jesse Dietschi on bass and Tyler Goertzen on drums. This recording exemplifes the 4 of them in full flight.

Rites of Ascension was produced by Brownman Ali & released on his label Browntasauras Records. The label is now widely regarded as a vanguard for new and visionary talent in the evolution of Jazz in Canada.

Release Date: December 1st on Browntasaurus Records