April 4, 2021

Hugo Blouin: upright bass
Alex Dodier: flute, saxophones (1-3, 5-6)
Gabriel Genest: tenor saxophone (3, 6), clarinets
Jean-Philippe Godbout: drums
Jonathan Turgeon: piano, compositions

L’abîme (The Abysm) is the first album by an exciting new Québec based quintet of the same name. Conceived over the past two years, this brilliant debut will be released in April of 2021 on the Montreal based label Multiple Chord Music, in both physical (vinyl + cd) and digital form. The album unveils a dreamlike universe, a cinematic adventure suspended in time, like a dive through the abysm.

The group displays a bold, unique sound rooted in modern jazz with strong rock and contemporary classical influences (the music of Olivier Messiaen being a particularly important touchstone.) Pianist Jonathan Turgeon’s compelling compositions are bolstered by strong arrangements devised by the whole group. This project is a particularly compelling showcase for the group’s woodwind players, who explore a wide range of textures and timbres. Faithful to its jazz heritage, L’abîme expresses itself through deep, engaging improvisations by Hugo Blouin (upright bass), Jean-Philippe Godbout (drums), Alex Dodier (saxophones,  flute) and Gabriel Genest (tenor saxophone, clarinets).


Release Date: April 30th, 2021 by Multiple Chord Music.