Kate Wyatt – Artifact

Kate Wyatt – Artifact

May 29, 2022

Kate Wyatt: piano
Lex French: trumpet
Adrian Vedady: bass
Jim Doxas: drums

Pianist and composer Kate Wyatt is one of Montreal’s  finest jazz musicians, and her debut album Artifact is an  excellent glimpse into the many layers of her  musicianship. She has been hailed as an “excellent  pianist… one of the top artists of Montreal, Quebec, or  even Canadian jazz.” (Alain Brunet, panm360.com). A  veteran of many festivals and jazz clubs nationally and  internationally, Wyatt has been invited to perform with  many recognized and respected musicians including  Kenny Wheeler, Yannick Rieu and the Orchestre National  de jazz de Montreal (ONJ). 

Artifact is a debut album that sounds like anything but. It consists of a magisterial, meditative sequence of original  Wyatt compositions, as well as a gorgeous standard by  Billy Strayhorn. The songs lay deep melodic roots, backed  by harmonies that soar to exciting heights. Antepenultimate evokes a sense of embarking on a journey into the mysterious unknown. A playful spirit smiles behind the witty Short Stories

The musicians on the album are all leaders in their own  right, but the group dynamics testify to a deep sympathy  between the players. Trumpeter Lex French is in  complete command of the entire musical narrative, from  the subtle flavour of individual tones, all the way to the  complex architecture of his solos. Drummer Jim Doxas is  a telepathic presence throughout the album: a sensitive  soul with an enormous heart who stays in constant  dialogue with the soloists. Bassist Adrian Vedady – Wyatt’s  husband and long-time musical collaborator – plays with  a deep, mellow tone that lays the bedrock for the band’s exploration. As a soloist, Vedady is a philosopher who  explores melodies and arranges them into thoughtful  passages that command attention. 

There are hints of influences, both pianistic and compositional, in Kate Wyatt’s work. But overwhelmingly, it is obvious that she speaks with a unique musical voice. Playful, contemplative, probing, intense, passionate – all  contained in a deep rhythmic pocket. Those who hear  her tend to come back for more. 


Release Date: Friday, July 1st 2022