Astrocolor – AstroJazz Vol. 1

Astrocolor – AstroJazz Vol. 1

February 19, 2023

Neil James Cooke-Dallin: synths, Rhodes,
percussion, guitar, programming
Anand Greenwell: saxophone
Andrew Poirier: guitar
William Farrant: bass
Chris Mackenzie: guitar, bass, keyboards
Piers Henwood: piano, guitar
Amrit Basi: drums, percussion
Thomas Shields: synths, programming
Lindsay Bryan: voice (6, 8, 10)
Paul Kannaspuro: flute (9)

Named Instrumental Artist of the Year at the 2022 Western Canadian Music Awards, Astrocolor blend elements of jazz, psychedelia, and electronica – resulting in an experimental genre of their own cosmic invention, aptly dubbed “AstroJazz.”

The new album Moonlighting – AstroJazz Vol.1 was Executive Produced and mixed by GRAMMY-winner Steve Christensen, best known as Khruangbin’s longtime producer and studio collaborator. Given Khruangbin’s significant cultural influence amongst modern instrumental-leaning projects, Christensen’s stamp of approval was not only a massive feather in Astrocolor’s cap, but also an opportunity to add his revered touch to the spacious soundscapes the band has been celebrated for.

Moonlighting imagines an exploratory trip into deep space, combining improvised experimentalism with hypnotic repetition that recalls the influence of late 90s electronic acts like Air, St. Germain, and Massive Attack. Engineered by Neil James Cooke-Dallin at Burning Rainbow Studios in Victoria, Canada, the album sprinkles moments of electronic stardust atop a traditional bed of live drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, and upright piano. The result is both meditative and interplanetary.

Astrocolor’s catalogue has over 10 million streams on the major platforms and regular national radio airplay from flagship CBC shows including Drive and Afterdark. The band’s dynamic live show has brought them to notable festivals including Bass Coast, Burning Man, Shambhala, Rifflandia, Laketown Shakedown, and the Victoria International Jazz Festival.

Release Date: Friday, March 31st 2023 on Amelia Recordings.