Levi Dover Sextet – Imaginary Structures

Levi Dover Sextet – Imaginary Structures

August 29, 2021

Lex French: trumpet
Erik Hove: alto saxophone
Olivier Salazar: vibraphone
Andrew Boudreau: piano
Levi Dover: double bass, compositions
Kyle Hutchins: drums

It is only through the lens of the imagination that we construct the world around us and give it meaning. The real is without intention or significance, appearing as a collage of seemingly unrelated elements. But as we weave together our perceptions, we create an an inner world populated by emotions, stories, dreams, remembered pasts and projected futures. These are the Imaginary Structures in which we live.

Imaginary Structures is the debut album from Montreal based composer and double bassist Levi Dover. This singular recording consists of eight original compositions for sextet, brought to life by an ensemble of musicians with an individualistic and contemporary approach. The album as a whole establishes a stylized vision of improvised music, fusing jazz with elements of progressive rock and 20th century classical music, brought together in a post-bop setting.

The music is set against the backdrop of an impressionistic landscape which at times recalls the influence of composers such as Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Bobby Hutcherson, and Andrew Hill. The improvisations are tightly woven into the structure of the pieces, giving the musicians the freedom to explore the universe that the compositions reveal. Throughout the album, a dreamy atmosphere and contemplative mood is balanced against a tight rhythmic undercurrent that propels the music forward, creating a narrative that unfolds gradually over the course of these eight pieces, exposing different facets of the composer’s imagination.


Release Date: Friday, October 8th 2021 on Three Pines Records.