Collective Order Vol. 3

Collective Order Vol. 3

October 9, 2018

Chris Adriaanse: bass
Julian Anderson-Bowes: bass
Jocelyn Barth: vocals
Mike Campbell: drums
Belinda Corpuz: vocals
Ewen Farncombe: keys
Jon Foster: drums
Marie Goudy: trumpet
Murray Heaton: saxophone
Joanna Majoko: vocals
Andrew McAnsh: trumpet
Andrew Miller: drums
Liam Stanley: guitar
Emily Steinwall: saxophone
Laura Swankey: vocals
Colin Story: guitar
Sarah Thawer: drums
Ethan Tilbury: bass
Joel Visentin: keys
Connor Walsh: bass
Nebyu Yohannes: trombone

Volume Three marks another important step in the evolution of Toronto’s Collective Order. Having released two volumes of music, they have solidified a vision for the future of the project: “Looking ahead, Collective Order plans to continue to become more inclusive and to better reflect the musical and cultural diversity of Toronto.”

With Volume Three, the band has created a collection of compositions inspired by individual band members’ cultural backgrounds and personal experiences. Toronto is a collection of incredibly diverse and culturally rich communities, and in this collaborative project, the band aims to eliminate imaginary boundaries and establish new musical traditions.

In keeping with the collaborative nature of Collective Order, the opening title is a composition written to accompany a traditional land acknowledgement by Indigenous artist Melanie Montour.

Release Date: November 23rd, 2018

CD Release Celebration: December 13th, 2018 @ Gallery 345, Toronto