Ori Dagan – Click Right Here

Ori Dagan – Click Right Here

April 3, 2022

Ori Dagan: vocals
Colleen Allen: tenor saxophone
Alison Young: alto saxophone
Andrew McAnsh: trumpet
William Carn: trombone
Jane Bunnett: soprano saxophone (1), flute (6)
Simone Denny: vocals (11)
Donovan Locke: vocals (7)
Erik Flow: rap (1)
Shannon Butcher, Jessica Lalonde,
Melissa Lauren: background vocals (1)
Nathan Hiltz: guitar
Attila Fias: piano
Alex Bellegarde: bass
Ben Wittman: drums

Is life online in the 21st century a blessing or a curse? One could make a case either way, but if you’re Toronto-based vocalist and songwriter Ori Dagan, one thing is certain: there’s great material to be mined for a lyric, something Dagan always delivers with a wry and agile sense of swing. Click Right Here, praised by John Devenish of JAZZ.FM91 as “fun, provocative, fancy-free and spirited,” and by journalist and author Jeanne Beker as “the perfect balance between modernity and nostalgia,” is Dagan’s first album of original material. It offers a joyful escape from, and timely reflection upon, a world spinning out of control. Themes include online dating, social media, technological troubles and the quest for freedom and equality in a divided world. 

Dagan’s rich bass-baritone is unmistakable; his irreverent songcraft speaks to the lineage of Nat Cole novelty numbers and the impeccably swinging humor of the late Bob Dorough and Dave Frishberg. His scat singing has the natural, fluid, bop-inflected feel of the best in that idiom. Click Right Here, his most ambitious project to date, is sure to take him to new destinations, onstage and online. 


Release Date: Friday, May 6th 2022