Touching – I Can Be Two People At Once

Touching – I Can Be Two People At Once

February 18, 2024

Michael Falk: vocals, keyboards, guitars, sound design
Curtis Nowosa: drums (5, 8, 9, 11), percussion (3-4, 9, 11)
Olive Louise: vocals (2)
Laura Smith: vocals (5)
Sean Irvine: saxophones, flute (1-4, 7-9, 11)
Nicholas Payton: live trumpet sample (9)
Dave Quanbury: piano (2, 4, 8, 9, 11), Rhodes (1, 3, 7-9, 11)
Ryan Dahle: guitar (1, 2, 9), vocals (1, 6)
Andrew Braun: vocals, guitar, keyboards (4, 6)
Alasdair Dunlop: bass (1-9, 11) programming (12)
Sandy Fernandez: drums (1-3, 7)
Cody Iwasiuk: drums (6, 10)

It was time to change it up.

Touching (aka Michael Falk) has turned a new musical corner, taking inspiration from a broad range of new sources and completely transforming his artistic direction with his bold new album I Can Be Two People At Once

The record was mixed by BC-based musician/producer Ryan Dahle (Mounties, Limblifter.) Dahle’s recent work with jazz adventurer Donny McCaslin and pop/rock icons Mother Mother, k-os, and Hot Hot Heat made him the perfect collaborator to bring Michael’s ambitious new vision to the finish line. 

While serving as Artistic Director for Jazz Winnipeg, Falk fell in love with some of modern jazz’s more adventurous offshoots. He saw a fair amount of punk rock spirit and reckless abandon in the performances of artists like Donny McCaslin, Shabaka, and Pino Palladino. A self-taught musician and songwriter, Falk challenged himself to find a way to funnel these new musical influences through his love of overdriven synths, dramatic arrangements, and introspective lyrics. His new goal was simple: do everything in the exact opposite way he was used to. 

Alongside musicians Alasdair Dunlop, Sean Irvine, Sandy Fernandez, Dave Quanbury and engineer Micah Erenberg, Falk entered Winnipeg’s No Fun Club recording studio to lay down beds for what would become his most daring artistic statement to date. 

The result is something raw and special. I Can Be Two People At Oncepokes, prods and scalds a whimsical course through the canyon between jazz and indie rock.

Release Date: Wedneday, March 27th 2024 on Head in the Sand Records