October 3, 2021

Mario Allard: soprano & alto sax, clarinet
Benjamin Deschamps: soprano & tenor sax, flute
Samuel Blais: soprano sax & bass clarinet
Jacques Kuba Séguin: trumpet
Thomas Morelli-Bernard: trombone
Félix Stüssi: piano
Alain Bédard: double bass
Michel Lambert: drums

Montreal’s JAZZLAB ORCHESTRA has been a Canadian jazz institution since 2004. For over 15 years, the multi-generational ensemble of Montreal’s finest improvisors has explored a wide variety of musical styles and approaches to writing and playing. Always original, every project they’ve undertaken has been inspired and audacious. 

Practically the only group of its kind in Canada, the group has released seven albums and performed more then 300 concerts at many of the most prestigious festivals and venues across North America and Europe, including New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, the New Morning and Café de la Danse in Paris, Casa del Jazz in Rome, the Grande Teatro in Sicily, the Jazz Station in Brussels, and at the Budapest Music Center. Over the years, their concerts have featured guest appearances by many of jazz music’s leading lights, including Donny McCaslin, Mark Feldman, Ted Nash, Michael Blake, Zhao Ke, Francois Théberge, Stephane Belmondo, and Don Thompson.

LOGUSLABUSMUZIKUS – Jazzlab’s newest opus – features nine new pieces by bassist and composer Auguste Le Prez, all of which reflect the spirit of modern jazz today. It’s an exciting and dynamic record executed masterfully by the band. Each member manages to simultaneously lift the band up while also staking out their place as a distinct individual voice in the group. As Jazzlab Orchestra continues to evolve, the temperature continues to rise…


Release Date: Friday, October 29th 2021 on Effendi Records