Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient

Jesse Dietschi Trio – Gradient

August 27, 2023

Ewen Farncombe: piano
Jesse Dietschi: bass
Ethan Ardelli: drums

Gradient: a change in the magnitude of a property observed in passing from one moment to another. The term implies gradual transition on a continuous scale between two seemingly opposing elements. In Gradient, the Jesse Dietschi Trio travel along a continuum between modern jazz and contemporary classical chamber music, adjusting position as they navigate compositions that blend these styles. The progression of the album invites the listener on a journey from modern jazz soundscapes to chamber music aesthetics and back again.

Leader, bassist, and composer Jesse Dietschi is an international touring and recording jazz artist who also serves as a top-call extra musician with both the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Canadian Opera Company. Joined by pianist Ewen Farncombe and drummer Ethan Ardelli, the compositions featured in Gradient draw from Dietschi’s extensive training in both the jazz and orchestral fields to create lush and colorful auditory narratives exploring a wide range of emotional responses. 

From joyful to melancholy, exciting to introspective, optimistic to angsty, Gradient uses both composition and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through the full gamut of human experiences.

Release Date: Friday, October 6th 2023