Matt Greenwood – Atlas

Matt Greenwood – Atlas

December 11, 2022

Matt Greenwood: guitar, compositions
Joshua Stanberry: piano
Peter Holbrook: piano (8)
Mike Downes: acoustic bass
Matt McCormack: electric bass (4, 10)
Dhaivat Jani: drums, percussion (2, 3, 6, 7)
Mark Kelso: drums (9)
Matt Dicker: drums (4)
James Griffith: alto saxophone (5)
Steve Carson: tenor saxophone (5)

Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, guitarist and composer Matt Greenwood is carving out a new sound in Toronto’s Jazz scene with his debut album Atlas. With a diverse musical upbringing, including performances as a teenager with Zimbabwean legends such as Oliver Mtukudzi and Forward Kwenda, Greenwood’s music is unhindered by geographical genre confines.

The cinematic musical world of Atlas combines jazz improvisation with modern production aesthetics and a compositional approach that borders on contemporary classical music. The album consists entirely of Greenwood’s original compositions, brought to life by multiple combinations of musicians including Juno Award winning upright bassist Mike Downes, renowned drummer Mark Kelso and a long list of innovative up-and-coming Toronto and Montreal based musicians: Joshua Stanberry, Dhaivat Jani, Matt McCormack, Matt Dicker, Peter Holbrook, James Griffith, and Steve Carson. 

While most of the music was recorded live off the floor in studio, many of the tracks are augmented by an otherworldly landscape of overdubbed atmospheric guitar textures. Greenwood mixed the album himself to allow for a unique workflow where the lines could blur between composition, arrangement, and post-production. The main tracking sessions were engineered by Matthew Manifould and the album was mastered by Reuben Ghose.

Release Date: Friday, January 20th 2023