Will Bonness – Change of Plans

Will Bonness – Change of Plans

September 19, 2020

Jon Gordon: alto saxophone
Jocelyn Gould: voice
Will Bonness: piano
Julian Bradford: bass
Fabio Ragnelli: drums

Change of Plans, the third release from pianist Will Bonness, focuses on contrast, texture, and epic storytelling. The quintet – saxophone, voice, piano, bass, and drums – is arranged in different ways to create a unique mood for each song. There are duo, trio, quartet, and quintet tracks. Sometimes the vocalist sings with words, sometimes without, taking on the role of a second horn. The musicians are among Canada’s finest, including Jon Gordon (saxophone), Jocelyn Gould (voice), Julian Bradford (bass), and Fabio Ragnelli (drums). This music was written specifically for the Winnipeg-based band, with their unique talents and personalities infused into each song. Five original compositions are accompanied by a smattering of jazz standards (“I Love You” and “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”) and an alternative rock cover (“Bullet with Butterfly Wings”).

Contrast and change are the themes of the album, which travels through several different vibes and grooves. “Burning Bridges,” the muscular, McCoy Tyner-esque opener, is followed by “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,” an introspective, tragic ballad. You will hear jazz-rock (“Bullet with Butterfly Wings”), jazz-pop (“Downpour”), and Brazilian and Afro-Cuban influenced beats (“Echo Chamber”). There is something to pique the interest of any jazz fan!


Release Date:  Friday, November 6th 2020

Release Concert: Park Theatre, Winnipeg MB Oct 29th, 7:30pm