Griffith Hiltz Trio – Arcade

Griffith Hiltz Trio – Arcade

November 15, 2020

Nathan Hiltz: guitar, bass pedals
Johnny Griffith: alto & tenor saxophones, synthesizers
Neil MacIntosh: drums

Amidst a global pandemic, Griffith Hiltz Trio has come together – while apart – to craft their most unconventional and nostalgic record yet. ARCADE borrows soundscapes from classic 80s video games and movie themes, blending them with GHT’s unmistakeable genre-bending style. Both high-energy and unexpected, ARCADE is what happens when jazz meets the magic of childhood.

GHT maintains their offbeat style of doubling – Nathan’s balletic ability to dance across the bass pedals while soloing guitar or Johnny playing all the horns in his arsenal often simultaneously – while layering on a ton of synthesizers and Neil’s dynamic percussive style.

Social distancing forced the band to change the way they typically record, moving from an in person live-off-the-floor situation to tracking separately in basements and laundry rooms in Toronto, Sarnia, and Halifax.

As Johnny sums up, “this is our mid-life crisis album, I can’t afford a motorcycle, but I can make music”.

International Release Date: Friday, December 11th 2020 on G-B Records.