Doug Wilde – The Sixth Dimension

Doug Wilde – The Sixth Dimension

June 23, 2024

Doug Wilde – Keyboards, Compositions
Colleen Allen – Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
James Ervin – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Paul Novotny – Electric and Acoustic Bass (1-4)
Henry Heillig – Electric and Acoustic Bass (7-9)
Charlie Cooley – Drums

What happens when a composer with a keen sense of melody creates music with an unconventional tonal system? Keyboardist and composer Doug Wilde has a long history of creating memorable and unique music, often seamlessly incorporating complex harmonic and rhythmic material – most notably with Manteca (described as “One of contemporary music’s most accomplished and original artists” by Jazz Times Magazine.) Music created for his new recording The Sixth Dimensiongoes one step further (or maybe many steps further), taking us into a harmonic world that has rarely been used in a jazz context.

The music on this recording was created using six-note scales – also known as hexachords. A different six-note scale was selected for each of the ten pieces on this recording. Except for the improvised solos, no other harmonic material was used. In this realm, the seven note collection from which we derive major and minor scales and the modes has been abandoned. Wilde’s intent is not necessarily to write atonal or dissonant music but rather to use imposed limitations to inspire new directions – to redirect creativity! There is a good chance that the listener will be intrigued, transported and perhaps moved by this musical dimension. Jazz is a musical language that has always been in flux, eager to fuse with, or borrow from, other traditions.

The ten compositions on this recording are melodic, mysterious, beautiful and utterly unique. Because Wilde has spent a good part of his musical life creating music to enhance visuals and/or the spoken word, his music is often evocative, picturesque, and scenic. Each of these pieces opens the door to a different harmonic world – worlds that sound both familiar and extraordinary.

While this latest project The Sixth Dimension is without a doubt something completely different, you can still hear Wilde’s elegant craft throughout. The technique does not get in the way of the music. The Sixth Dimension further solidifies Wilde’s reputation as one of Canada’s most intriguing jazz composers.

Release Date: Friday, July 26th 2024