John Pittman – Kinship

John Pittman – Kinship

July 2, 2018

John Pittman: trumpet
Shirantha Beddage: baritone saxophone
Jeff McLeod: piano
Mike Downes: bass
Curtis Nowosad: drums

It has been said that a musician should “tell a story” when they play and storytelling, at its core, is really all about relationships. How characters interact, how they grow or change, and how the audience relates to, responds to or empathizes with those characters is essential. It is the relationships that bring meaning: to the story, its characters, its audience, its author. That is why Kinship is at the heart of this album; it tells the story of the relationships and experiences that inform the artist and bring meaning to the music.

Kinship is the debut solo release from Toronto- based trumpet player John Pittman (The Heavyweights Brass Band, Composer’s Collective Big Band), and features a stellar cast of musicians that were chosen in keeping with the overarching narrative of this record. Shirantha Beddage, Jeff McLeod, Mike Downes and Curtis Nowosad all share a history and a connection with John and, while they are all musical giants individually, their collective studio chemistry is palpable on this release.

Kinship is the story of the people and experiences that make us who we are; that which brings meaning to our narrative and communicates what matters most to us. Here’s hoping you find kinship with the artists through your experience of the music.

Worldwide Release Date: Friday, August 24th, 2018 on Slammin’ Media