Casey MacGill – Love Letter

Casey MacGill – Love Letter

October 22, 2023

Casey MacGil – Vocals, Piano, 
Cornet, Compositions

Plus an all-star cast of 56 musicians!

Casey MacGill is a seasoned international performer and songwriter. His credits include walking into a pin spotlight from a darkened stage at the St. James Theatre and opening the Broadway Musical “Swing,” which also includes four of his original tunes. He and his trio Mood Indigo appeared in the movie Frances starring Jessica Lange. Casey and Mood Indigo charmed Hollywood, entertaining the royalty of Tinseltown, becoming a frequent mention in George Christie’s Hollywood Reporter column “The Great Life.”

Early career milestones include opening for Lily Tomlin at the Ice House in Pasadena, California (1971), playing accordion on a R. Crumb Cheap Suit Serenaders 78 (1973), performing with the Rubber Band on the Tonight Show (1974), recording with the Rubber Band for Atlantic Records (1975), playing keyboards with Bobby Caldwell (1976-77), was a contestant on The Gong Show (1977), performed music for movie Reborn, Dennis Hopper, (1980).

Love Letter is a collection composed over the last 50 years, but freshly recorded between 2019 and 2022.  A few of these tunes have been previously released, while the majority languished in file cabinets, on lead sheets, and on reels of tape. This retrospective incorporates a variety of musical genres, between and within songs.  You will hear songs reminiscent of old time pop tunes and big band swing, as well as Latin jazz, bossa nova and funky soul. There are influences of ragtime, Broadway and even two pieces performed by a string quartet. Each of the 24 songs is a unique gem, yet the collection is cohesive. MacGill’s vocals and arrangements provide a continuous thread of his musical style.

Release Date: Friday, November 24th, 2023