Avi Granite’s In Good Hands

Avi Granite’s In Good Hands

September 25, 2022

Pat LaBarbera – Tenor Saxophone (1)
Ted Warren – Drums (2)
Scott Peterson – Bass (3)
Jim Lewis – Trumpet (4)
Ted Quinlan – Electric Guitar (5)
Brian Kobayakawa – Bass (6)
Peter Lutek – Bassoon (7)
Neal Davis – Bass (8)
Brian Dickinson – Piano (9)
Tom Richards – Trombone/Prepared Room (10)
Nick Fraser – Drums (11)

Canadian composer and guitarist Avi Granite celebrates his musical roots by spotlighting some of Canada’s finest musicians in solo performance. Based in New York City, Granite returned to his native Toronto in the fall of 2021 to record Avi Granite’s In Good Hands.

Granite is a seasoned improviser, but in this context we focus on his work as a composer. With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Granite recruited the talents of several of his musical mentors and friends. A cross section of Juno Award winners and Toronto music scene mainstays, In Good Hands offers an intimate glimpse into the work of 11 incredible instrumentalists as they interpret and reimagine Granite’s distinctive compositions.

The opening piece Like A Magazine features a gorgeous performance by jazz legend Pat LaBarbera in his only known solo recording. Each track offers a unique listening experience as a different instrumentalist takes the stage. 

Avi Granite’s In Good Hands is perhaps the most texturally dynamic recording you’ll hear this year. It’s an invitation into a musical space like no other, and an intimate portrait of a composer painted by some of the artists that shaped his work.



Release Date: Friday, November 11th 2022 on Pet Mantis Records.