January 16, 2022

Colin Maier: oboe, bass, harmonica, vocals
Charles Cozens: piano, accordion, vocals

Featuring Members of the Burlington
New Millennium Orchestra (Tracks 3, 8, 11)

Cory Gemmel: violin
Bijan Sepanji: violin
Bridget LaMarche: viola
Liza McLennan: cello

Buckle up for a musical JoyRide full of thrilling highs, spontaneous departures and unexpected turns! JoyRide is the collaboration of oboist Colin Maier and accordionist Charles Cozens, an incredibly versatile duo that pushes the outer limits of music with fresh sounds, original compositions and adventurous arrangements. Their music is a novel hybrid of jazz, ragtime, blues, tango, gypsy, classical and klezmer.

This CD has the flow and energy of a live concert, complete with an engaging story-telling element. Early on, Colin and Charles reminisce about a time on tour when Colin was attacked by pelicans, which leads to their performance of three songs with a nature theme: Tiger Rag, Somewhere Under the Rainbow and Plight of the Bumblebee. A story about completing a new look with a blue fedora inspires their takes of Rhapsody in Light Blue, Isolation Blues, and Air on a Blue String. A missed flight and a sleepless night at Newark airport leads to reflections about the ways that the COVID pandemic has upended the lives of musicians everywhere.

This record is light at times, and poignant at others. It pivots from serious to funny, and from simple to complex. This music has a broad appeal, with the potential to connect with a wide variety of audiences. JoyRide‘s first studio album is a diverse collection of moods and sounds, brought to life by the unfamiliar and enchanting combination of oboe and accordion.

Release Date: Friday, February 18th 2022 on JoyRide Records.