Adrian Dennis – Moon Rising

Adrian Dennis – Moon Rising

July 30, 2023

Adrian Dennis: guitar and compositions
Matt Woroshyl: saxophone
Malcolm Connor: bass
Mark Ballyk: drums

Toronto-based guitarist Adrian Dennis makes a lasting impression with his impressive debut album “Moon Rising”. Featuring seven original compositions by Adrian; the album explores a wide pallet of musical textures, intricate harmonic landscapes and highlights his developed melodic voice as a composer and improviser. The seven compositions offer a unique perspective on current modern jazz executed flawlessly by Adrian’s quartet.

After studying in the jazz program at the University of Toronto, Adrian enlisted the help of long-time collaborators; saxophonist Matt Woroshyl, bassist Malcolm Connor, and drummer Mark Ballyk to perform his exciting original work, with their first performance together being in August of 2013. Years later, their debut album has arrived, marking Adrian as a fresh new voice on the Toronto jazz scene.


Release Date: Friday, August 18th 2023