Karl Silveira – A Porta Aperta

Karl Silveira – A Porta Aperta

February 20, 2022

David French: tenor saxophone (4, 7, 9)
Allison Au: alto saxophone (1, 2, 5, 8)
Karl Silveira: trombone
Chris Pruden: piano
Dan Fortin: bass
Nico Dann: drums

Toronto trombonist, composer, and University of Toronto educator Karl Silveira‘s debut album A Porta Aperta was recorded over the course of two intensely focused days in July 2021. This recording represents the culmination of a composition project that began in the early days of 2020, one that saw Silveira exploring two distinct aesthetic directions: one contemporary, and one more traditional. As a performer and composer, Silveira draws inspiration from a wide variety of musicians, including Mark Turner, Lennie Tristano, Thelonious Monk, Steve Lehman, and Wayne Shorter. Through intensive listening, he has cultivated a unique approach to composition and improvisation informed by many different aspects of the jazz tradition.

Silveira’s writing covers a lot of ground emotionally as well as stylistically: his music can be energetic, introspective, thoughtful, and humorous. As a composer, Silveira’s primary conceptual focus is on the theme of multiplicity. His music often features musicians playing parts that are independent from one another, but that interlock in unexpected ways, presenting the listener with multiple possible focal points. The album title reflects this idea, depending on whether it’s interpreted as a phrase in Latin or in Portuguese (Silveira’s first language.) It can mean either “the open door” (in Latin) or “the door squeezes” (in Portuguese). While an open door can lead you to new places, you may also find yourself needing to shrink yourself in some way in order to fit through.


Release Date: Friday, March 25th 2022