Saku Mantere – Upon First Impression

Saku Mantere – Upon First Impression

September 18, 2022

Saku Mantere: voice
Jussi Lampela: arranger, conductor (2-6, 8-10)
Jukka Eskola: trumpet, flugelhorn (2-6, 8-10)
Mikko “Gunu” Karjalainen: trumpet (2-6, 8-10)
Petri Puolitaival: alto saxophone, flute (2-6, 8-10)
Jussi Kannaste: tenor saxophone (2-6, 8-10)
Markus Holkko: baritone saxophone (2-6, 8-10)
Heikki Tuhkanen: trombone (2-6, 8-10)
Riitta Paakki: piano (2-6, 8-10)
Ville Herrala: bass (2-6, 8-10)
Teppo Mäkynen: drums (2-6, 8-10)
Lex French: trumpet (1, 7)
Kate Wyatt: piano (1, 7)
Adrian Vedady: bass (1, 7)
Jim Doxas: drums (1, 7)
Jennifer Gasoi: voice (10)
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: producer, voice (5)

Upon First Impression is Finnish born, Montreal based vocalist Saku Mantere’s debut album. The music was composed and recorded in both Finland and Canada with a cast of some of the finest musicians from both countries. A masterful work about heartbreak and a life divided between two places, it’s an album that needed time for the fermentation process to mature. Through this difficult, split reality, Mantere surrounded himself with dedicated collaborators that held his vision and worked together as a tight-knit family to create a unified, inspired work. The path to making this album has been curvy, laced with unexpected turns and hidden side-roads. In a world that idolizes speed and immediate satisfaction, Mantere moves at his own pace with care and attention to detail. This album benefits greatly from repeated listening and a deep-dive into the lyrical and musical riches it holds. 

Mantere’s heart – perfectly imperfect – pulses through every note, every word and every sound on this album. He has managed to transform (as many great artists have done before him) a broken love into a work of art, carefully crafted, well thought-out, vibrating with authenticity and vulnerability.

Release Date: Friday, November 4th 2022.