Chris Mondak

Chris Mondak

February 27, 2022

Chris Mondak: bass
Hunter Smith: saxophone
Gabe Feldman: piano
Lindon McCarty: guitar
Chris Broomhead: drums

On Glass Spheres (Summit Records, 2022), 24-year-old Nashville bassist and composer Chris Mondak looks to the future while showing a deep reverence for the jazz tradition’s rich past. Mondak, who was born in Venezuela, is a 2020 graduate of the New England Conservatory, where he trained with jazz legends such as Cecil McBee, Dave Holland, and Bob Moses. They instilled in him a deep respect for jazz history, but also a keen desire to pursue the genre’s newest frontiers.

The seven pieces on Glass Spheres have in common engaging melodies and bold, sophisticated performances. The compositions diverge from those shared elements to explore multiple musical styles: listeners will encounter the influences of swing, bebop, second line, avant-garde, and even pop. 

Glass Spheres was recorded at Nashville’s storied Sound Emporium studio. In addition to Chris Mondak on bass, performers include Chris’s fellow  former New England Conservatory classmates Hunter Smith (saxophone) and Gabe Feldman (piano), along with University of North Texas alum Lindon McCarty (guitar) and Australian drummer Chris Broomhead.

Release Date: Friday, April 15th, 2022 on Summit Records.