Angela Turone & Chris Platt – Sounds of Brazil

Angela Turone & Chris Platt – Sounds of Brazil

May 10, 2020

Angela Turone: voice & piano
Chris Platt: guitar
Chase Sanborn: trumpet & flugelhorn
Pat Collins: bass
Robin Claxton: drums
Hélio Cunha: percussion
Andrew Downing: cello
John Nicholson: tenor saxophone & flute

Angela Turone & Chris Platt’s debut album Sounds of Brazil is a surefire testimony to this duo’s brilliant pairing. Toronto-based vocalist and pianist Angela Turone and guitarist Chris Platt come together to present a stunning collection of music that showcases their love and appreciation for Brazilian music. Together since 2014, the duo explores the diverse and beautiful music of Brazil and seamlessly intertwines this influence with their jazz roots.

Sounds of Brazil showcases the duo’s refreshing arrangements of music by some of Brazil’s most esteemed composers and lyricists. Listeners will surely recognize classic works by renowned bossa nova composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, but will also discover new pieces and writers they are bound to fall in love with.

Sounds of Brazil is brimming with a multitude of textures and instrumentations that rarely repeat themselves. The title track, Desafinado, features Turone’s effortless vocals, clever horn lines and classic Brazilian percussion alongside a tightly knit rhythm section. Lendas Brasileiras features an intuitive and subtle performance by Turone and Platt in their original incarnation as a duo. The most adventurous track, A Festa do Divino, explores ambient textures and many percussive layers reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro’s elaborate Carnaval. The album also features new interpretations of two pieces from the Great American Songbook, including the Rogers and Hart classic, Bewitched.

Release Date:  Friday, June 19th 2020.