Yves Léveillé – L’échelle du temps

Yves Léveillé – L’échelle du temps

February 14, 2022

Yves Léveillé: piano
Lizann Gervais: 1st violin
Olivier Thouin: 2nd violin
François Vallières: viola
Émilie Girard-Charest: cello
Étienne Lafrance: double bass

Over the past twenty years, composer/pianist Yves Léveillé has established himself as a key figure on the Quebec jazz scene. Drawing from both contemporary and traditional jazz, classical, and world music, Léveillé’s distinctive musical aesthetic is noteworthy for its refined approach to melody and harmony. Hailed for his ability to suspend time with a musical phrase, Léveillé’s music explores the  endless possibilities for interplay between tradition and experimentation. His work always feels poetic and intimately human.

Léveillé has recorded nine albums for the Effendi and Atma-Classique labels, all of which have been received enthusiastically by audiences and journalists alike. His latest recording L’échelle du temps isa beautiful collection of eight pieces for piano and string quartet – a unique instrumentation in the world of jazz.

For this recording, Léveillé recruited a top-notch ensemble of musicians, all virtuosos on their respective instruments, each with an uncommon capacity for expression and sensitivity. Léveillé and company deftly balance written and improvised material, creating a dynamic sonic world that is at once introspective and energetic.

Léveillé has performed throughout America, Europe and China. He has been nominated for multiple awards in his career, and won the Opus Awards for Concert of the Year and Best Jazz Album two years in a row. In September 2018, he was the recipient of the the André Gagnon Award (for instrumental music) from the SPACQ Foundation. 


Release Date: Friday, April 8th 2022 on Effendi Records.