Jacob Chung – Epistle

Jacob Chung – Epistle

May 22, 2022

Jacob Chung: tenor saxophone
Christian Antonacci: trumpet
Felix Fox-Pappas: piano
Thomas Hainbuch: bass
Petros Anagnostakos: drums

Toronto saxophonist/composer Jacob Chung’s (b. 2000) debut release Epistle is a swingin’ 45-min album of original music written for quintet. This release marks a new era for Canadian jazz, signifying the hope and promise of a new generation’s coming-of-age in a post-Covid world. The musicians on this record are a handful of the most exciting young Canadian talent. Pianist Felix Fox-Pappas, drummer Petros Anagnostakos, and bassist Thomas Hainbuch, who at 24 years of age is the band’s eldest member, comprise the rhythm section while trumpet player Christian Antonacci joins Chung on the frontline. The 6 track album features Chung’s Epistle Suite, which reflects the joy of the gospel message through a commitment to the spirit of swing. Rounding out the album are 3 hard-driving bop tunes, each a contrafact on a familiar form. 

Epistle is a proclamation. Over the duration of this album, Chung and his young, swingin’ band emphatically state, “we are right here, right now; we play hard and believe in swing; this is jazz in Canada.” 

“Jacob Chung is one of the bright musical lights of his generation. While he is just beginning his journey, I have no doubt we will be hearing wonderful music from him in the coming years/decades.”

-Mike Murley


Relase Date: Friday, June 24th 2022 on Three Pines Records