Olivia Maisel – A Moment in Time

Olivia Maisel – A Moment in Time

May 28, 2023

Olivia Maisel: voice
Thélonius Garcia: piano
Luc Herrmann: guitar
Sergiu Popa: accordion (7)
Noémy Braun: cello (6)
Alex Le Blanc: upright bass
John Buck: drums

Toulouse-born, Montreal-based vocalist Olivia Maisel’s debut album A Moment In Time is a reflection of decades of personal experience. Maisel chose the songs based on the story she wanted to tell: “A story of unity, a past we hold in common, a present we could experience together, and a future of hope and change.” 

Very early on in her process, Maisel created a storyboard for the album with the guidance of acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer Kate McGarry. Those first steps set her on a path to create something truly personal. Maisel decided to tell her story using some of her favourite songs from the Great American Songbook, all while showcasing a few of her many different musical influences. The album evolved into a refuge and an outlet for her deepest feelings about her past. It stands as a tribute to relationships, love, loss, and life.

For Maisel, the title of the album, A Moment in Time, is about learning to accept the present moment without needing to define it; acknowledging its existence, and letting it go. It is also a reminder that as time passes, feelings and perspectives inevitably change. Without giving too much away about her intentions behind the record, she hopes everyone will see a version of their own story here.


Release Date: Friday, July 7th 2023