Daniel Janke Winter Trio – Available Light

Daniel Janke Winter Trio – Available Light

February 25, 2024

Daniel Janke: piano
Basile Racola: bass
Ariel Tessier: drums

Winter Trio is an international collaboration between drummer Ariel Tessier (France), bassist Basile Rahola (Spain) and pianist Daniel Janke (Canada.) The trio first met while Janke was taking part in a residency at la Roche d’Hys domain des arts in the Burgundy region of France. After a few concerts in Paris and a modest tour of Dijon, it was clear that the group needed to capture their unique sound on record.

The title Available Light is drawn from the language of film: it refers to the practise of shooting using only natural light. It is also a reference to the beautiful winter light conditions found in Canada’s Yukon Territory, where Janke’s studio is located.

This recording features a collection of Janke’s original compositions, which showcase the breadth of his experience composing for film, as well as his upbringing in gospel and roots music. Combined with his love of jazz and contemporary improvised music, the result is an album like no other, with elements from all of these disciplines merging together to form an original and evocative sound. The pieces incorporate both structured composition and free improvisation, seamlessly blending North American compositional aesthetics with a European approach to improvisation.



Release Date: Friday, April 19th 2024 on Chronograph Records.