The nominations for the 2018 Juno Awards have been announced, and Orangeoo Grove Publicity is thrilled that four of our clients are up for awards this year!  Congratulations to our founder Ernesto Cervini and his group Turboprop, The Carn Davidson Nine, and Andrew Downing and Otterville for their nominations for Jazz Album of the Year (Group) ; and to Mike Downes for his nomination for Jazz Album of the Year (Solo).  (An extra tip of the hat to saxophonist Tara Davidson, who’s featured on three of the four recordings.)

The JUNO Awards will be held on Saturday, March 24th and Sunday, March 25th in Vancouver, Canada.

Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop burst on to the North American jazz scene in 2015 with the release of their eponymous debut. With Rev, Cervini continues to prove that he is one of the most talented drummer/composer/bandleader’s in the jazz scene today, and Turboprop is one of the most joyous and creative outlets. As Cervini states, “although I am the band-leader, Turboprop truly feels like a collective due to the passion, commitment and love everybody brings to each performance.” This passion and commitment is front and centre on Rev as each member of the band is given an opportunity to shine, all delivering poignant and memorable musical moments. The album features a well-crafted balance of the subtle and the bombastic, the subdued and the raucous. Featuring five original pieces (including 2 from Cervini), two pop covers, and one jazz standard, there is plenty of variety for all to enjoy. Turboprop features. Joel Frahm, Tara Davidson, William Carn, Adrean Farrugia, Dan Loomis.

Following up on their Juno-nominated debut, Murphy is the exciting new recording from the Toronto-based nonet, the Carn Davidson 9. This electrifying new release exemplifies the musical growth of the group. From the ensemble playing, to the solos, to the repertoire, Murphy epitomizes the sound of the band. Featuring 8 new compositions by co-leaders William Carn and Tara Davidson, this new recording also features new arrangements by not only Carn and Davidson, but also by Geoff Young, Andrew Downing, Jason Logue, Ernesto Cervini, and Andy Ballantyne. All these musical perspectives blend to form the unique and beautiful sound of the Carn Davidson 9. The Carn Davidson 9 was formed at the beginning of 2010. This collaborative project is an opportunity for both artists to “reimagine” their compositions for this chamber jazz instrumentation, shining new perspective on their existing repertoire.

Named after the sleepy town in Tobacco Country where Downings roamed throughout the 20th century, OTTERVILLE is a new sextet led by Andrew Downing that evokes the peace, quiet and simplicity of small-town Ontario. It features Downing on cello, Tara Davidson on alto saxophone, Michael Davidson on vibraphone, Christine Bougie on lap steel, Paul Mathew on bass and Nick Fraser on drums. The subtle, song-like of compositions and the contained virtuosity of the musicians take a sweet and contendedly nostalgic snapshot of the slow passage of time in the country and the joys that it can bring.

Root Structure is the much-anticipated new album from bassist Mike Downes and his quartet. Featuring four of Canada’s top jazz musicians – Mike Downes (JUNO award winner 2014), Robi Botos (JUNO award winner 2016), Ted Quinlan (JUNO nomination 2003) and Larnell Lewis (Grammy award winner with Snarky Puppy 2017), Root Structure explores lyrical compositions with a deep underlying structural integrity. The Mike Downes Quartet has been performing in various incarnations since the mid-90s. The original quartet toured Canada extensively and released their first album Forces in 1995 to great acclaim. In 2013, Downes released a new trio/quartet album, Ripple Effect, which won a JUNO Award in 2014.  “In music and life, I’ve always been interested in what lies beneath the surface: the underlying structures that hold everything together, the strength that resides deep down. The music in this recording was composed and performed in this spirit.” – Mike Downes

Congratulations to Ernesto, William, Tara, Andrew, and Mike!

Here’s some of what critics have to say:

Rev is the second album from Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop, and it’s a shoot-the-lights-out blast of a listen… The group has an infectious, propulsive energy that delivers a power punch without forsaking nuance and melody… Here and throughout the entire program there’s a sense of closeness and shared spotlight, playing with, around and through, but never over, each other… Overall, Rev is a bright wave of an album and Turboprop is the real deal. Turboprop will be on the road in 2018. I, for one, would love to see this band live.

Frank Alkyer on ‘Rev’ by Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – Downbeat (Editor’s Pick)


Murphy” is a delight from start to finish. Even if you are allergic to cats, this music will make you smile, dance, relax, and, honestly, feel better.  Carn Davidson 9 is a true “family” ensemble (listen to “Family Portrait” to hear how all the voices come together to move the narrative forward), one that creates music you’ll want to listen to over and over.

Richard Kamins on Carn Davidson 9’s ‘Murphy’ – Step Tempest


Andrew Downing’s delightfully woozy, two-disc Otterville conjures a simpler, more communal and friendlier time. It’s a largely medium tempo affair, melodic and, like its gorgeous graphic design, subtly wondrous… ingenious chamber jazz… More dreamy than nostalgic, Otterville evokes a country getaway, a place you may not know but where you’re always welcome. The door to this unusual Canadian jazz reverie is open. Make yourself at home.

Carlo Wolff on Andrew Downing’s ‘Otterville’ – Downbeat


Bass player and Winnipeg native Mike Downes’ new quartet album is an excellent example of contemporary jazz that pleases without qualification. With Robi Botos on piano, Ted Quinlan on guitar and Larnell Lewis on drums, the music soars with melody and lush solos along with powerful rhythmic foundation. ★★★★

Keith Black on Mike Downes’ ‘Root Structur’e – Winnipeg Free Press